July 31, 2012

summer lovin'.

so.... i haven't written in my blog for over 2 months... for those of you who follow me at all...i apologize. i just have been having way too much fun! no really. you are probably thinking "i have had the best summer ever, better than hers" nope, sorry. you are wrong. i really don't want it to come to an end.. well mostly i just don't want my boy to leave {sigh}.

so here is what i have been up to.....

working. can i even call it that? i LOVE my job.

love these guys i work with

Zombie picture day at the pool

lifeguards are crazy

spending time with this guy at work :)
family time. what is better?
my birthday and this cute guy 

fathers day

fourth of july at the dbacks game

he is so stinkin cute

friends. i love em.
always the besties 

shopping with kylie

Lisa's baptism 

Lifeguard Olympics 

Sushi time with erin
my birthday. yay i am 19
surprise party from kylie with a surprise bunny!!

lots of good eats with the day ending with presents and the bachelorette
steven. this boy... <3 i am so blessed to have met him

we love monopoly deal

sparks fly :)


baseball game


he gives me roses.. i love it

who knew mint chocolate chip oatmeal cookies were his weakness??

his first pedicure!!

we usually go through a lot of silly before we get serious. i love him

i just got back from an awesome cruise with my family... i will be sure to make a new post about that shortly.... my free time is about to greatly increase as Steven is leaving in just one day for his mission :( im sure i will post a lot about that too...