September 6, 2012

life update

i think i need to make a goal to write in my blog more often. i haven't been too good at it lately. so lets go through a few updates on my life. ya?

  • summer is over and my tan is fading :(
  • my missionary has left. 36 days down. 
  • i am back in provo with my girls.
  • i have two new roommates (jen and amberly).
  • classes at BYU have begun (i am in love with my ASL class)
  • i hiked Mt. Timpanogos on monday... thats around 16 mile hike for those of you who don't know (ya it was the hardest thing).
  • i really miss Elder Stapley. 
so now you know it all. my life in 7 bullet points. haha okay... so there may be a little more to me than that, but that is the gist of it. sometimes days go by so slow and i wish i was back in gilbert with my family and my mom to cook me meals when i am lazy and don't want to do anything. but other times i couldn't be happier with my best friends, who make me laugh harder than anyone, and enjoying the freedom of living on my own.  But for now... life is good and everyday is a new adventure!

Yay reunited! love these girls with my whole heart!
first day of school!
i love this quote!