February 1, 2013

six months

is it already February? has it already been six months? why yes, yes it has. it may seem small to some or it may seem like an eternity to others. i haven't really decided which one i side with quite yet. but i guess that doesn't really matter because my dear, sweet, elder stapley is 1/4 done with his mission. if there is one thing i have learned in these 6 months or 184 days is to not just count the days but make the days count. 

while he is on his mission i want to improve myself, discover my talents, make new friendships, enjoy each new day, become more converted to the gospel & ultimately become a better me. he is learning & growing & becoming closer to our Lord & Savior so why shouldn't i? & as we both grow closer to Christ we become closer to each other. i love that. & although i miss him something terrible... there is no where else in the world i would rather have him be than serving the Lord by preaching His gospel to the people of richmond, virginia. he is a shining example of righteousness & obedience to me everyday.

i can do 18 more months of this. no problem.

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