February 29, 2012

Spotlight: VIP's in my life!

I decided it would be important to introduce the blog world to the most important people in my life currently.

First, there is my amazing family:
My Dad, Mom, Milan, Me, Collin, Carissa, Kipton, and Nick

My Dad: He works for his own used car business (PBO auto sales). He LOVES cars...and really all kinds of toys like model airplanes, real airplanes, boats, motorcycles, segaways, you name it and he has either owned it or tried it (even a unicycle). He takes great care of this family and is often teased by me and Milan. Poor Dad ;)
My Mom: So what can't this lady do?? I swear she is a super woman! She has always been there for me in my life and a great example of a righteous woman! She can cook/bake like no ones business but in addition to that she sews, paints, loves reading books, fulfills her church calling and cares for all her children even if they are in Utah. I love getting her packages!
Milan: Milan is my little brother and such a stud! This kid is a freshmen in high school and loves to play piano and is amazing at it (he even writes his own songs). He also plays football and wrestles, not to mention that he does all this while still getting excellent grades in all his hard classes. He also just got his Eagle Scout Award. Did I say the girls go crazy for him? Well they do :)
Collin: Collin is my older brother. He is currently 26 and served his mission in Zimbabwe, Africa! He graduated from ASU and is now attending Midwestern University in the dental program (yay we will have a dentist in the family). He also shares a passion for cars like my dad and enjoys getting new cars often ;) haha. He loves to have fun and you can always count on him to tease you!
Carissa, Nick, and Kipton: Well first, Carissa is my older sister, she is currently 23 and also graduated from ASU. Carissa has always been a great example to me as I grew up, in not only her actions but also her fashion sense ;) I was always jealous of how many shoes and clothes she seemed to rack up. Nonetheless, I am so grateful I could have such an amazing sister like her and we can be so close. She was married to her wonderful husband Nick Routsong in 2008. Nick is a great addition to our family and is originally from Indiana.Carissa keeps busy taking care of her adorable almost 6 month old baby boy, Kipton. Can I just say how precious that little guy is??  I love their cute little family.
Here is my family again on my night of graduation!

Closer up picture of Me and Kipton!
Then there are my awesome roommates (I use that term loosely):

Well here are just a few pictures of some of our crazy adventures. I wish I could share just how much I love each and everyone of these girls but then I would be here all night (I probably will be anyways). So I will just share a few quick things about them.
Shaylee: Roommates (actual roommate) with Dana. She is from Heber, UT and is studying to be an elementary school teacher. She is goofy, loves to run, always cheerful (well except when she doesn't have a letter from her missionary)... and thanks to her I have this blog. Oh and she loves potty humor. 
Morgan: Another roommate of Dana's. She is from Morgan, UT (yes, that is her name as well) and is majoring in middle-eastern studies. Yeah that means she learns Arabic... we have fun learning weird words from her. Don't be fooled, she takes her classes seriously (she surpasses the athlete while walking to class) but she is silly and goofy. We always crack each other up. 
Haley: Can I just say I love living with this girl? Haley is my actual roommate, she is doesn't know what she wants to be and is from Chicago, IL. I am grateful for her and her ability to live with me and my craziness. She loves potatoes and Harry Potter. Yes, you read that right, potatoes. She is a great listener and yes she also has a very goofy side... Do you see a tread here? No wonder we are all best friends. 
Julia: She is best friends with Shaylee and went to high school with her. She is from Midway, UT and is studying communication disorders. Although she doesn't live in our same building you can bet you will see us running to her apartment or vice versa when there is big news to be shared (yes, that news usually involves a boy..). I am so glad that I got to meet her and become so close with her. Thanks Shaylee! Can you guess that she also has a crazy side? It usually comes out while she dances:)

There they are..the best roommates a girl could ever ask for. Am I so blessed or what??

I would feel awful if i didn't mention my other friends that have a special place in my heart. So here are some pictures of people that have greatly influenced my life.

Heather: I love this girl with my whole heart!I have known her since my freshmen year of high school. If there is anybody that can make me laugh it is her! We had such a fun summer together and went on many awesome adventures. She is a sophomore at BYU and I love getting to see her when I get the chance. 

Carter: Elder Andersen is currently serving a mission in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. He has been out for over 6 months and I always enjoy seeing how he is doing through his letters. I also met Carter my freshmen year of high school and he has always been a great example to me and continues to be an example. He is one of the most positive and optimistic guys I know. Carter, Heather and I had an amazing summer together from sunsplash, to drive-ins, the lake, and floating down the river. It was filled with laughter and sunshine!

These girls were always there for me in high school starting my freshmen year and we were the best of friends.

Erin: Erin attends ASU and although we are a state apart it doesn't affect our friendship. I know she will be there if I need advice or help. All of high school we got to do swim team together and grew even closer through that. We love to be daring and adventurous together!
Meghan: Meg also attends ASU and is studying to become a nurse just like me! She was in my ward through high school so we enjoyed going to mutual activities every week together. She is such a goofball and always brings fun to the party ;)
Kylie: I am so lucky that Kylie also attends BYU and is in my music 101 class so I get to see her three times a week in that class. Ky and I were always there for each other through our heartbreaks all of high school and shared our troubles through passing notes and writing stories in seminary my sophomore year. 
Megan: Megan is such a sweetheart and when we get together it's like no time has passed at all. I loved having Megan in Choir with me my sophomore/junior year...we made it through together ;)

Spencer: Elder Coleman is currently serving a mission in Pittsburg, PA. I met Spencer through Shaylee and Julia since they went to high school together. I love getting to receive his letters and e-mails every week, they always make my day :) He is such an awesome example and one of the sweetest guys I know.

Well there you have it. Aren't they something?? I know.. I know.. I am extremely blessed to have all these incredible people in my life. And i just don't know where I would be without them. I love you guys <3

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  1. mewina!!! <3 geez. what a great post. you are such a beautiful person, and although you said that you are blessed to have us in your life, believe me when i say that it is the other way around!!! i feel so blessed to know you and know that you are always there for me, no matter what. :) i love you sooooo much girlfriend!!