May 9, 2012

let go...

sometimes it's hard to let go of the people that were so influential and (at one point) so important in your life... but when all they do is hurt you... it's time to let go. i know that certain people are placed into our lives for reasons: to help us grow, mature, learn, and develop but that doesn't mean that they need to stay in our lives forever. some people will always be in our lives like our families or our best friends, the ones that we can't imagine life without. you know.. the friends that will have your back no matter what and answer your phone calls at 2 am just because they love you. those people are there to stay. although you may grow up, move far away, get married and be busy with kids, a husband, and life, they will be there when you need them.

so for today, i am turning over a new leaf. i love the people in my life and the awesome relationships i have that are based on trust and understanding. for all of you... thank you for touching my life. i love you.


  1. And I love you Miss Melina May! Regardless anything that ever happens, I'm here to stay :)

  2. Melina!!! I miss you tons lady! We need to have a phone chat like this weekend k???? love you tons!

  3. Mina Boo :) I love you too! Thanks for being one of MY friends that is with me no matter what. I'll always be here for ya! <3