May 3, 2012

home and its simple pleasures

back in good ol' gilbert for the summer. my how i've missed this place. don't get me wrong, i miss provo and all the amazing friends and the spirit of BYU but some things at home are just so sweet and i have come to appreciate all the things that i have missed about home:

  • my loving family and the great times we have together (including my adorable nephew)
  • driving around in my jeep
  • late nights with my favorite girls from high school
  • my mom's cooking
  • my home ward with people that love and care about me
  • babysitting for adorable kiddos 
  • my job as a lifeguard and all my co-lifeguard friends
  • watching pretty little liars with my mom 
  • seeing the gilbert temple being built
  • my bedroom
some simple pleasures at home i have definitely advantage of and its so good to remember how blessed i am

the gilbert temple is looking awesome

this cutie is so fun

ah mom's cooking.... 

ive missed the Bates kids

isn't my bedroom a haven??

1 comment:

  1. ohhh my goodness melina your bed is amazing! (don't worry, i totally stalked kylie and just found your blog)