November 24, 2012

a day of thanks.

wow. i have so many things to be grateful for. my heavenly father blessed me with an amazing life. really i {should} never have any complaints. a family that loves me. the true gospel with a living prophet. supportive friends that are always there for me. a loving missionary that makes me smile even thousands of miles away. several places that i can call "home". my great health. a great university where i can learn & develop. modern-day conveniences. my talents and abilities. & etc etc. those are some terrific blessings that often times i take for-granted.
so my goal: to live each day in thanksgiving for something i have in my life. take even 30 seconds to acknowledge & truly appreciate whatever that may be.

here's a few pictures from the family walk that we took on our day of thanks:

Kipton is just the cutest thing thing ever. he is getting so big 

just playing around at the park

my family is the greatest. i am so grateful for them. 

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