November 14, 2012

The snow has come!

snow. snow. snow!

so for an arizona girl.... this is a big deal. last winter in utah {from what my roommates have told me} was very mild and more like fall. {what???} so what people are trying to say is it gets colder? with more snow? yes. that's exactly what they are trying to say. & it manifested itself this past weekend.
three best friends loving the snow together. i love this picture.

roommates (& mogan who is missing here)

erin, megan, and meghan came to visit in utah this weekend and they froze their butts offfff!! brrrr....
but i had the best time with them & so grateful they stayed with me! :)

erin is going to have to get used to this snowy weather since she will be moving up here and being roommates with me next semester in january! can't wait... well now off to class & then studying! but... i am finished with anatomy lab!! my final was yesterday & its never felt so good to be done. 

p.s. 39 days till christmas... im excited!

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