March 11, 2012

Friends get you through :)

I love my friends and so grateful for their love and support no matter if they are here in Utah or back home!

Saturday was such a beautiful day outside so me, Shaylee, Haley, and Morgan decided to spend a few hours out in the lovely sunshine! Side note: apparently this is really rare in Utah during the winter. Like it never happens... Here are some pictures of us celebrating the sunshine!

We know it's not summer... but we liked to pretend it was:) 

Also, my dear friend Erin came up to to Provo to help her friend move so I got to see her! Yay!! Her, Kylie and I got to spend some quality time together just like old times! 

So glad we have stayed friends all these years! 

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  1. you have an adorable group of friends looks like you guys are always up for a great time! love the blog!