March 6, 2012

My weekend in sunny AZ

So I had the best weekend in Arizona with my family! :) It was wonderful and I did some fun things....

Some things I did over my weekend:

  • Surprised my mom for her birthday yay :)

  • Ate out for dinner at Joe's BBQ
  • Saw my adorable nephew, Kipton 

  • Went shopping with my mom and Carissa
  • Took a glorious nap in the sunshine

  • Went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner
  • Got caught up on all the pretty little liar episodes with my mom
  • Saw the beautiful Gilbert Temple being built 

  • Tanned and ate breakfast in the morning sun

  • Got pedicures with my daddy (my Christmas gift to him)

  • Enjoyed home cooked dinner with home-made strawberry lemonade Mmmm
I'd say my weekend was a pretty good one :) Now back to reality of school, tests, laundry, cooking, dishes, and snow instead of sunshine and 80 degree weather. Oh well, I am loving my life :)

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