March 28, 2012

I got tagged!

1. post the rules
2. post a photo and 11 random facts about yourself
3. answer questions from tagger
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(Julia already tagged like everyone I know so I am not doing the last 2 steps)

1. I watch T.V., movies, plays, etc sideways. Yes sideways. So no I am not creepily staring at you if you are sitting next to me in a's just the way I watch things. 

2. I like to go take a nap when it seems like everything else in the world is going wrong. It's my one escape.

3. I can imitate ET's voice. 

4. I really love to cook...I'd be in the kitchen all day trying new recipes if I could.

5. I love to dress up... no matter what the occasion is. I don't believe in walking out of the house not looking my best (you never know who you will meet).

6. I cannot say the words: ruined and museum. So don't ask me to say them. I also say "blanket" weird. Thank you roommates.

7. I eat my food incredibly fast. It's something I am working on...but it's hard to reverse 18 years of fast eating.

8. I secretly want a bunch of followers on my blog hehe

9. Taco Bell is my weakness. Yes, I know it's not "real" mexican food but I still love it. If you want to make me happy, cheer me up, or just make my day...I suggest you take me to Taco Bell.  

10. I really enjoy cloudy, stormy, rainy weather. There is just something about it that brings a smile to my face. Maybe its the fact that I am an Arizona girl and we already have an excess of sunshine there. 

11. I want to travel to as many countries as I can. My hubby better enjoy traveling :)

Julia's Questions:

1. Dream Vacation Spot?
Definitely in Europe someplace. Possibly Italy? I love it there!
2. What are you wedding colors?
I want(this could depend on the time of the year I get married) my wedding colors to be Tiffany blue, lavender, and plum. My bouquet would look something like this

3. Weird obsession?
Weird obsession with keeping my apartment clean

4. Most life changing event?
Most life changing event was attending BYU. I have grown tremendously, learned so much about myself, how to be better, and what I want in life. 

5. Most awkward moment?
Let's be honest...My whole life is filled with awkward moments...

6. Favorite icing flavor?
Cream Cheese all the way... I don't know how you can get better than this!

7. When you are frustrated or upset what do you do to calm down?
I take a nap. No lie. I can escape from the world for a little while and then wake up refreshed with a new perspective

8. This one is important! Celine Dion or Shania Twain?
I'm gonna have to say.... Celine Dion.

9. What was your worst date? Details please :)
Worst date was a double date at the beginning of this first year at BYU with Shaylee. This guy had just got off his mission like 2 months previously and let me tell you he was beyond awkward. We went kayaking and this guy had never gone before. Like seriously you are taking me on this date and you haven't even done it before. He sucked at it. I don't know how to say that nicer. It's just fact. Anyways, not the best experience. 

10. What is your most prized possession and why?
My pictures. They describe who I am and I love them.

11. If you could pick a name for yourself what would it be?
Satisfied with my name... My parents did good :) 

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