April 24, 2012

Freshmen year is over!

where did the time go?? i cannot believe that my freshmen year at BYU is done. finished. completed. what? i couldn't have dreamed of all the experiences, struggles, memories, friends, hard times, and opportunities that would have come my way during this first year. it was unbelievably amazing. i still can't believe i am sitting in the airport waiting to fly home to arizona for 4 months. i really did it.

for a recap on a lot of my first year at BYU my roommate and best friend, Shaylee, made an awesome post. click here to read some of our many adventures.

well after school (and the awful finals..blahhh) were finished.... i had some great times with my best friends!

hiking the Y on the last night in beautiful Provo

sleepover in the living room on the last night at wyview

Morgan slept on the couch 

My roommates, my best friends, my beautiful girlies in Heber  for the weekend :)

goodbye utah. i love you. see you in 4 months. xoxo

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