April 3, 2012

What to do.

So it was that time of the school year last night at midnight to sign up for classes {deep breaths, trying not to hyperventilate} yes, it is extremely stressful. At just about 11:50pm the count down begins. You seriously have to prepare yourself to be ready to get to the first class you want to add and click that little 'A' as quickly as your fingers can manage and then repeat for the next class. Luckily i got all the classes that i wanted {blessing} but just not at all the best times. Oh well.

At this point in  my life i'm confused. i know what i want to do (get into the nursing program here at BYU and then become a pediatric nurse) but it's easier said then done. For all of you who don't know... the nursing program at BYU is extremely competitive and hard to get accepted into. So i guess only time can tell what will happen but i am praying that by some small miracle i will get accepted. i am also taking an ASL class next fall which i really love so we will see how that goes. All i can do now is put it in the Lord's hands and trust that he knows exactly what i need to have happen in my life. i trust him with my whole heart.

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  1. I took ASL last semester! It was really fun, but really hard. They teach you a lot, in just a little amount of time. It was good though.